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Mar. 2nd, 2010

toon w/ mug

Considerations regarding dinner guests!

One of my LJ friends, ysabetwordsmith , posted this on her LJ and gave permission for her friends to repost it. I thought these to be most pertinant considerations for having dinner/meal guests. If only more folks took these into consideration!

Reposted below from Elizabeth's journal.

I have some dietary requirements.  So do most of the people I know, creating quite a wide variety of things that can't or shouldn't be served or eaten.  These are some of my food rules, which I have found to minimize digestive and emotional upsets:

1) It is a guest's responsibility to inform the host of any dietary requirements. An explanation is not required, but is helpful.

2) It is a host's responsibility to meet a guest's dietary needs, or say if it is not possible to do so.  Other arrangements may be made if necessary.

3) It is not okay to pester someone else about their dietary needs or choices.

4) Not every dish on the table has to be something that everyone can eat.

5) There must be enough food on the table, in varieties acceptable to the diners, that everyone will enjoy the meal and fill up on what is there.

One that is not a rule, but a gradually increasing tendency: As I get less and less pleased by commercial foods, I am slowly buying more things that are just raw ingredients to cook with.  It is a great deal easier to make things that are edible for everyone that way, and the taste and nutrition tend to be loads better too.  The main limitations to this trend are time and expense.  It takes more time to make things from scratch, although I'm finding some handy shortcuts.  Plus organic/grass-fed/free-range/etc. food tends to cost a lot more than factory junk.  Sometimes, though, the good stuff is cheaper.  I'm getting better at taking advantage of such bargains.

Feb. 7th, 2010

toon w/ mug

Build up,...

Build up and not out I've always advocated. I can't stand suburbia. Suburban sprawl is such a travesty. I believe it is quite a large misconception that for city living one must have a tiny apartment with no yard when I've seen the opposite be the truth in so many cases.

You Are the City

You are chic, sophisticated, and cultured. And you go crazy if you're not around similar people.

Living in the suburbs would feel like dying to you. You can't stand the cookie cutter restaurants, casual fashions, and chain restaurants.

What you love about the city is all its opportunities. Yes, it's expensive, but in your opinion it's worth it.

You may be a bit of a snob, and you're willing to accept that. At least you live well!

Jan. 31st, 2010

toon w/ mug


A friend of Hubby and I's, also a witch, once told us that there is nothing like the feeling of waking up in the morning, and even though you haven't peered out the window yet, there is this feeling.... this magickal feeling.... you just know. You get up, peer out the window, and everything is covered in a blanket of white. The tree branches, the ground, your porch, the cars, the walkways. There is nothing like it.


Saturday morning that happened for us here in Carrboro. In fact, the whole Triangle got a dose of the white stuff. Here in Carrboro we got about eight inches. It started Friday night around 6:30 and continued on through the night. Somewhere in the middle of the night it switched off to a small amount of freezing rain and a lot of sleet. It snowed for short bursts through Saturday ending about mid-day. It is simply beautiful. We sat on the sofa Saturday morning and watched the birds have a feeding frenzy, entire flocks of Dark-eyed Juncos, a couple Carolina Chickadees, and a few Cardinals at the feeders on our balcony.

(A visitor to the finch sock!)

Juncos Upright
(Just a couple of the Juncos, feeding off of the balcony under the feeder. Apparently this is a typical M.O. for Juncos according to Hubby's bird guide book.)

Of course, fitting, just a few days off from Imbolg. About this time Mother Nature reminds us that while the light is growing and spring will be along in due time, that we are still very much in winter. I for one am completely okay with that. When you lookout at the winter wonderland, there is no question that She has reached down and lent a bit more of her magickal touch upon us.



Jan. 20th, 2010

toon w/ mug


Your Winter Sense is Sight

You are a very visual person, and some of your strongest memories are around things you've seen in your life.

You simply like the way winter looks. This season may seem dead to most people, but it's very alive to you.

You enjoy all the sites of winter - from starry winter nights to dancing holiday lights.

You think this is the most beautiful time of the year. Snow makes everything a little more magical.

Jan. 13th, 2010

toon w/ mug

Prayers and Energy

I am sending good energy and healing vibes to those in Haiti.

Please do the same if you can.

Blessed be.

Jan. 9th, 2010

toon w/ mug


You Are Hip

You are definitely not a hipster, but you are often on the cutting edge of trends.

You are proud of your taste. You like what you like, and you never try to show off how obscure or ironic you are.

You are into good food, good music, and good fashion. You are well known for your discoveries.

You don't mind if the things you love eventually become mainstream. You may be hip, but you don't have a complex about it!

Dec. 24th, 2009

toon w/ mug

Updated Interests Collage

Awhile back I did one of these online gizmos that creates a collage of your listed LJ interests. I've done an updated one.

My Interests Collage!Collapse )
toon w/ mug

Pause for some Claus!

I do believe in Santa, I do! I do!

Read about this inspiring Santa on the job for more than two decades in the same location. He remains timeless while also relating to the modern:


Dec. 14th, 2009

toon w/ mug

Yuletide Fun: Herculian Electric Cars and Optical Illusionary Evergreens

It's a "Green" car, a evergreen tree, and a lot of Yuletide fun. Check it out as we all continue our holiday season:


Dec. 8th, 2009

toon w/ mug


Actually, yes we do have a tree ornament on our Yule tree. Eric hand painted it. It's quite pretty!

You Are a Tree

You love every part of the holidays, down to the candy canes and stockings. And you're goofy enough to put a Christmas tree ornament on your tree!

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